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I fell in love with making Jewellery in the spring of 2007. As a Complementary Therapist I have always been interested in and fascinated by, gemstones and their 'magik'. No one was more surprised than I was when I announced one day that I was going to start making jewellery using 'gemstone beads'! I've always enjoyed crafts but my main interest has been more related to anything with a needle - dressmaking, embroidery, etc - I did once use beads as part of a counted cross stitch picture and I seem to remember vowing never again as I kept knocking over my pot of tiny beads - those were the days of shag pile carpets!!!

I was extremely blessed to be able to indulge my needlework hobby for 6 years by having my own business in Tamworth Town centre selling Needlework and Haberdashery.

Having made my "I'm going to make Jewellery" announcement I then became like a woman possessed and started searching for the best suppliers of the beads and findings - findings are the components that make up the jewellery such as earwires, clasps etc. People ask me where I learnt to make beaded jewellery and the answer is always the same - I didn't!!! It's almost as though it was a skill that I always had but had never used - mix in a lot of patience, studying a few books and a passion for developing my creative side and JP Jewellery was created.

By that first Christmas I had put together many designs and of course as I work at The Cottage Healing Centre as a Therapist I had an ideal environment to sell my work. The response from friends and colleagues was also extremely positive - always keen to hear what new stones I was working with and any new ideas I might be mulling over!

What I actually do is to make 'jewellery with meaning' using semiprecious stone bead and sterling silver. Using sterling silver actually enhances the power of the stones. Not only does my jewellery have meaning but I would also like to think that it is made to last! Many of my designs are 'one-offs' being as unique as the person that is going to be wearing them.

Creating the designs is very relaxing for me - I can go into my own little world! Sometimes I can thread some beads together in a particular sequence and not like them - so, in a matter of minutes I can just start again!!! Very often it is the beads themselves that are the inspiration!

Each design is unique and can be changed to your meet your requirements if necessary i.e. length, stones or type of fitting. Maybe you have a favourite stone that you would like some jewellery made from. The possibilities are endless! Please browse through my online studio for inspiration.

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