These are a couple of non-jewellery items that I have also created. Very much bringing together my creative and spiritual instincts!

Blessings Strings

This is a Blessing for you from the Heart. A Blessing String is:- A token that symbolises five heartfelt blessings just for you with a lovely Sterling Silver charm at the end.

Each Blessing is represented by the appropriate gemstone.

The Clear quartz crystal at the end amplifies the power of the five appropriate gemstones. A unique gift for you to treasure. A beautiful genuine gemstone Blessing String - Hand made with love and enhanced with Reiki.

The use of Sterling Silver beads, charms and rings intensifies the magical properties of the gemstones.

Comes with a pouch to keep it in and a list of your Special Blessings. The pouch can be kept under your pillow, in your bag or in your pocket. You may even want to take it out of its pouch to keep it in a purse or wallet.

Currently Available: Blessing Strings for Abundance, Empowerment, Luck, Birthdays, Weddings, New Baby. Chakra Balance, Travel, Angelic Blessings.

Swarovski Crystal Angels

These delightful 3cm high Angels are made from 3 different Swarovski bead shapes on a 6cm length of wire so that they can be hung somewhere as a constant reminder of the presence of Angels.

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